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Escrow Payment Infrastructure
for High-value Crypto Transactions

The decentralized economy demands safer and more reliable payment tools. Mellifex got you covered.


An Escrow Payment Processor You Can Trust

Mellifex for high-value crypto transactions

For banks, payment gateways, international trade, real-estate deals, marketplaces, etc. Who want to process crypto escrows on their own platform in the safest possible way.

Mellifex for auction-based investments

For angels, PE investors, VC funds, family offices, auction houses, and startups who want to exhaust their capital relationships in an utterly safe environment.

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Peace of Mind Is a Matter of Choice: Your Choice.

By harnessing the power of smart contracts, our non-custodial escrow technology is the smartest choice and safest alternative for anyone who wants to process crypto escrows on his own or allow them to his customers at competitive prices.

Strategic Partners

"For our legal crypto association it is important to be part of this promising project. Making payments in an environment of legality and trust is a big step for the crypto community"


Ignacio Ferrer-Bonsoms Hernández,

president at the Blockchain Arbitration & Commerce Society.


About us


A behavioral economist from Spain, a crypto developer from France, and a serial entrepreneur from Israel entered a pub in the City of London... No, this is not the beginning of a joke, this is how it all started. The three, who met completely by chance, experienced one common challenge over the years: You work hard to raise capital and, once you succeed, the ugly truth is that you do not control it. If you don't control your capital, you don't own it.


Real ownership of capital, regardless

of its volume, begins with complete control, regardless of time and place, while programming it to work for you under your terms. Our vision is to develop creative value-moving solutions for various audiences through which they can carry out crypto escrows in a safe, seamless, and exhaustive way. We know how hard you have worked to grow your wealth. It is time for you to take complete control over it.


Non-custodial escrow technology is all a question of control over your crypto with no strings attached and without unauthorized hands touching your monies, it is just you and your destiny. Whether you are an investor or have a financial system in place for crypto of any value to be moved or you want to add crypto escrows to your business model, your capital security is and will always remain of paramout importance for us.

Our team

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Matias Monteagudo

Founder & CEO

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Fred Meyer

Co-founder & CTO

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Lev Mikulitski 2021_edited.jpg

Lev Mikulitski

Co-founder & CBO

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