Moving Upwards Beyond Supercharged Exits

How can you consistently reach extraordinary valuations? How can you even tell the deal you just closed was the best offer?

Key Benefits

Mellifex partnered with blockchain and AI providers, applying the auction theory of Nobel laureates Milgrom and Wilson to equity.

Equity Auctions

Equity Auctions

We help you engage in mentorship relations, measure “how much you want it”, and offer shares to the highest bidder or otherwise.

Blockchain Escrow

Blockchain Escrow

We ensure your USDC remain temporarily locked on a smart contract until terms are met, so that both parties sign the transaction.

AI Arbitrator (Soon)

AI Arbitrator (Soon)

We have a very fast and scalable AI, trained at contract law, whose algorithm is capable of issuing fair arbitral awards autonomously.

Integrated Wallets

Integrated Wallets

We choose this native approach to make transaction-signing easier, you can exchange your USDC for fiat with an external off-ramp.

File Signatures

File Signatures

We allow you to store your own files locally and merely hash them, thus, you will still manage to prove authenticity to your arbitrator.

How It Works?

Our flow lacks the bottlenecks competitor platforms have, which in turn increases liquidity for Mellifex’ market participants.


Setup the Mellifex App

This one-time effort only takes a few minutes and will be worth it.


Mentor or Be Mentored

Potential investors may contact for more info, but remember NDAs.


Auction It or Bid For It

Your venture looks on fire, which means… Yes, it is bidding season!


Lock USDC in Escrow

Due dilligence went well and what you do now is securing the funds.


Release (or Arbitrate?)

AI is there if you cannot agree to whether or not your terms were met.


Video Demo

Think for yourself if there is anything out there quite like Mellifex or this is the tool to empower you at funding rounds.


Here just a few screenshots to illustrate what we believe are some of the key benefits, feedback will be much appreciated.

Advisory Board

A team of experts of industry, finance, academia and media, returning investment to the domain of bazaars and social life.

Matías Monteagudo
Lev Mikulitski
Frank Pira
Fred Meyer

Pricing Plans

Our competitive 5% will include auction, escrow, and AI arbitrator, not human ones you may get externally at your own risk.



Political elite, experts of industry, finance, academia and media.



(Per Bid)
Social entrepreneurs and young global leaders of tomorrow.

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