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A Platform
for Equity and Asset Auctions

For angels, PE investors, VC funds, family offices, auction houses, and startups who want to exhaust their capital relationships in an utterly safe environment. Download now!

Moving upwards beyond supercharged exits

Applying the auction theory of Nobel laureates Milgrom and Wilson to equity, Melifex's non-custodial escrow-based super app exhausts investors' and startup owners' relationships in the safest environment one can find.


We provide maximum liquidity

across the business cycle, from startups raising equity to corporations liquidating capital assets. How?

By helping companies engage with

the right investors, measure “how much they want it”, and offer value to the highest bidder (or otherwise).


We reassure investor's USDC remains temporarily locked on a smart contract until terms are met, compelling both parties to sign the transaction. How?


By raising awareness over the incentives to meet the investment terms and offering arbitrator, timelock, milestone-based payments, and more.

Remote Notary

We bring some peace of mind to complex due diligence processes, so you know what you are buying and whom you are buying it from. How?


By adding notarisation to the signatory

IDs and their contractual agreement via video affidavit, so only documents with seal become arbitral proof.

Connected Wallets

We encourage managers to do DeFi until the last minute, provided this does not lock up their funds and can capture other investment opportunities. How?


By choosing a native approach that makes transaction-signing easier, with direct exchange crypto-fiat available for some of the 100+ wallets.


We store that sensitive document your lawyers wrote and your notary sealed, e.g. To be minted and exchanged as an immutable NFT. How?


By password-protecting its encrypted URL, so that the buyer can still see a low resolution of the document before buying, all tamper-proof.

White Label API

We support the SaaS users who need to deploy escrow smart contracts with little to no coding required both, on your own platform and ours. How?


By positioning all our products as pure software the end user controls, no principal-agent relation will ever be established between us.

Investors, start bidding for the best ventures technology has to offer

Setup the

Mellifex App

This initial effort only takes

a few minutes and you are ready to go

Lock USDC in

Non-custodial Escrow

Due dilligence succeeded and what you do now is securing the funds

Choose Role

Buy or Sell

Potential investors may contact for more info and sign NDAs

Release it!

The Deal Is Complete.

Arbitration is there to resolve conflicts, you can avoid it with a timelock

Auction It

or Bid for It

Your venture went viral, which means… Yes, it is bidding season!


Bid for the best!

A revolutionary wave to invest and raise capital is coming for you. Surf it into a real world where to exhaust your capital relationships.

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