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Escrow Payments Infrastructure
for High-value Crypto Transactions

Process Your Crypto Payments the Right Way: Safely!


Non-custodial escrow is a matter of financial security!
And it's the smartest way to do payments in crypto.


Mellifex for high-value transactions

Mellifex is the all-inclusive, RESTful, API-based, non-custodial, gas-free escrow solution you need to ensure your irreversible blockchain transfers do not fall into the wrong hands, so your business can afford to accept crypto. The bottom line, it's the most secure payment technology out there.

Mellifex’s non-custodial escrow payments
are compatible with a variety of use cases

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Melifex's proprietary non-custodial escrow solution allows you to be in control with minimal integration and reduced time to market. Let's integrate.


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