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Mellifex – A true ownership over your crypto deal.

Mellifex is a comprehensive crypto escrow solution. It is used for high-value deals (if one wants to buy a real estate, a fancy car, do an international commerce, create a letter of credit in a bank, and so much more). Finally, Mellifex ensures that parties are protected against chargebacks, fraud, or low-quality goods.

Today more than ever, Mellifex has excellent growth potential. While the network is still in post-trauma from the epic fall of FTX, and we see quite a few network stars trying to both explain how it happened, justify or judge, we come and ask a simple question: why are you even in this business called cryptocurency?

Mellifex was created to enable real ownership of your crypto and provide a smart alternative tool to purchases of real things. Their non-custodial escrow solution takes advantage of the power of smart contracts, making it the best option and the most secure alternative for anyone who wants to handle crypto escrows on their own or offer them to their customers at more attractive pricing.

This is a Non-custodial Platform

When you use a non-custodial wallet, you do not need to place your trust in any outside parties; however, this does imply that you are fully responsible for ensuring that you do not lose your keys, and it also requires that you take your safeguards to ensure that your assets are secure.

Mellifex is a completely non-custodial platform, and no account managers can play with the liquidity. Instead, everything is regulated by dedicated smart contracts, so there is no room for human error. You are the only one who can access your private keys, responsible for managing your cryptocurrencies and proving that the assets belong to you.

As a result, Mellifex removes itself as a potential source of counterparty risk and as a single point of failure while simultaneously giving control back to the end user, which is YOU!

Low to No Gas Fees!

Mellifex is powered by Polygon, making it gas-free, and it makes use of USDC. Polygon is an example of what is referred to in the industry as a secondary option for blockchain scaling. It does this by utilizing a technology known as Plasma, which processes transactions off-chain before transferring them to the main Ethereum chain to be finalized. By doing this manner, the gas fees at Polygon are significantly reduced.

Transactions may be processed more quickly on the Polygon than on the Ethereum blockchain network. This is the primary benefit of using the Polygon network. This technology is being implemented on the Ethereum network because it presents a potential answer to the problem of handling gas fees.

Reversible Transactions

It is of the utmost importance to ensure the safety and confidentiality of all transactions in the turbulent world of cryptocurrencies. This is the case whenever cryptocurrencies are traded, as well as whenever they are used to purchase products and services. As a result of the tens of billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency transactions handled each day, market participants need to take additional precautions to ensure that their deals are carried out according to their expectations.

The buyer and the seller reach an agreement on the terms of the transaction and schedule the delivery at this point. Not only does this work for purchasers and vendors of cryptocurrencies, but also customers and business owners conducting transactions involving the exchange of products and services.

When a buyer uses Mellifex to conduct a crypto escrow transaction, the buyer is given a set amount of time to transfer funds to complete the transaction. Mellifex will make available to the buyer any good or service they have paid for as soon as the money has been received.

The transactions are fully reversible. The vendor will get paid for the item once the customer has confirmed that they have received it and are pleased with it. Bottom line, a good deal is a deal where you feel that your money or in our case your crypto is really working for you and not for some third party profiting from you.

Secure your crypto deal with Mellifex's premium non-custodial escrow services today!

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